Thursday, 13 October 2016

Providing Quality Service Which Everyone Believes - Classic Maintenance Services

It’s a fact that we make a conclusion after visiting a different bank ATM, so the bank always wants to give their clients the best experience when using their off-site’s ATMs. We provide a detailed reporting service to alert the bank of any damage to the ATM itself or any part of the ATM installation.

We take into account the sensitivity of the machines, hence we do not use cleaning detergents that contain ammonia on the ATM. Our cleaning services are available for all make and model ATMs, regardless of the manufacturer. At the Classic Maintenance Service, cleaning follows a three step procedure which includes checking in with site management, complete inspection form and providing check regulation notice. Our cleaning also cleans the ATM area within a 10 foot radius of the ATM. the cleaning also involves cleaning of ATM monitor and the other peripherals. We provide one of the Best ATM Machine Cleanest.

Classic Maintenance Services provide all year around cleaning services to your financial institutions. We help you to enjoy neat and clean premises while working in your institution. We have the most experienced cleaning staff members and provide your customer a spotless and a clean environment in the building.

We are one of the Best Financial Cleaning Services in India that you and your customers can count on. We have been serving different segments of industries for last 10 years and have 99% client retention rate. We carefully screen all of our cleaning crews through complete background checks, so you can rest assured that the security of your financial institution is in safe hands.

We provide education cleaning services so that we can provide your institute with a clean, safe, and well-managed environment for students, staff, parents and visitors. You need not worry as you are under the safest and experienced hands where you will receive the highest-quality cleaning service from a dedicated team of cleaning professionals who have been trained in all aspects of facility services. We are flexible in our working hours and it is quite easy as we work with you to accommodate your schedule for the school calendar year, single-event or season. So when it comes to educational facility cleaning services, you can definitely choose Classic Maintenance Service.

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