Friday, 23 September 2016

Providing Clean Auditorium and Arenas for Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment Facilities Cleaning Service
Entertainment facility includes stadium, club, sport stadium, racetrack, and arena or music performance. And when the show is going on everyone loves to look out for a facility which is neat and clean so that they could enjoy the further procedure with ease and happiness.

At Classic Maintenance Services, we are there to meet all your entertainment facility's cleaning needs effectively. Our experienced staff members are always on their toes to provide the best cleaning facilities despite the size of your entertainment facility.

Every entertainment facilities require perfect cleaning with precision in execution so that the time is not wasted and everything gets organized to the max limit in the stipulated time.  We are always ready, willing, and able to fulfill your entertainment facility's cleaning requirements. We provide the Best Entertainment facilities cleaning services in the whole of Delhi NCR region.

There is a big and a very positive impact of clean environment before the show starts. If your customer notice uncleaned area during their visit, they would not love to return back to the same venue which would ultimately affect the overall business.

So to maintain your reputation, we work round the clock as per your need. Our cleaners are clear about what exactly they have to do when they visit your site. We conduct regular audits of our cleaners and keep in touch with all our clients so that there is no room of complain.

We work with the top brands of all the cities across India including shopping malls, hotel pub, amusement park, bowling alley, gyms, sports center, spas etc. All our working staff is highly trained, uniformed professional and will respect your customers at all the times.

We are one of the best cleaning services in delhi. You should definitely give us one opportunity so that we can make a difference to the overall outlook of your premises or facility. We have clients who have stadiums and sports complexes and we help them in maintaining the high standards and culture in stadiums and sports complexes.

They have the experience and knowledge to consult with you to plan, carry out and maintain those standards which include seat cleaning, concrete sealing, detailed elevator and escalator cleaning, stripping, waxing and buffing floors, hardwood floor maintenance, shampooing carpets using various techniques, upholstery cleaning, street cleaning, pressure washing etc.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Assuring a Neat and Clean Post Construction Cleaning - Classic Maintenance Services

Individuals who have often gone for renovation of their house or in the case of construction of their home which they have built up recently are very much aware about the amount of material, dirt and dust build up that occurs post construction. In such cases wherever cleanup is required, classic maintenance services have the right answer as they have a proper and well experienced staff members who can clean up both corporate and individual premises post construction procedures. We are the best Post Construction Cleaning Services in Delhi.

It is quite different as compared to any other cleaning procedure as it involves cleaning due to the amount of the dirt and material that is left behind post work. Classic maintenance service is a company that can deliver this specialized post construction cleaning service.

Our team members consist of highly skilled, professional and specifically trained professionals who can help you get your cleaning done in an appropriate and timely fashion. A few of the features that we offer that make us compatible in the market include the below and much more.

We understand the urgency that your site can provide once it is ready for occupancy post construction work. We are also aware of the fact that there is an excess of dust and dirt which is a left over by the crews and needs to be cleaned in a specific time span. We have the best professional cleaners who pay close attention to detail and take care of items that others might miss. We provide the Best Floor Cleaning Services in Noida and can make your construction site into a welcoming home or business.

During your movement into the new home your furniture can change assimilate a lot of proper dust and dirt that will disseminate not only to the furniture but to inside fabric as well. It is a true fact that if you do inhale the dust and dirt from the construction you can jeopardize your health by possibly damaging your lungs.

Classic Maintenance Services use the latest industry technology and machinery in order to suck all the dust and debris and do not leave traces behind. So come and get your home and offices totally cleaned. We at classic maintenance make use of state of the art cleaning solution that ensures that the walls and floors are also left absolutely clear.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Outstanding Cleaning Service that Makes the Difference

CMS India is a professional building cleaning company in New Delhi and specializes in the cleaning of office buildings, schools, restaurants and other commercial establishments. We have a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services which set us apart from other cleaning companies. Moreover, our prices and customer service make our company the best priority for building maintenance. We have our building cleaning service which is designed for large properties that necessitate full-time, on-site deployment of maintenance engineers and other required man power. We believe in creating a well-maintained workplace that can have the right impression, improve employee efficiency and reduce your operational costs.

Building Maintenance Services best serves buildings of at least 25,000 square feet with critical systems requiring instant response, up-keep of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, or general building maintenance. Property types that are suitable for the on-site commercial property maintenance and cleaning model comprises of commercial high-rise buildings, corporate campuses, data centers, large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. So big corporate houses and building do not want to take a chance with just any building cleaning service, they choose brands like CMS India which will leave no germs and bacteria behind. Workers in such environments can get sick and their productivity will be hampered. Building Cleaning Services always makes sure to clean and sanitize our clients’ buildings properly. This reduces the risk of illness and disease considerably, thereby helping your workers to always function their.

We have various choices for meeting the building cleaning needs. You can hire a full-time janitorial staff that have existing employees or hire a qualified professional of a cleaning company. There are always many benefits that a professional commercial building cleaning services offers and it makes a big difference when it comes to the end result. We know workplace is one of the easiest places to catch a cold or other illness because of different people with different immune system. Opting CMS India for your building cleaning service you could be sure to get a clean and inviting office. When you hire the best of all the city’s cleaning companies, you would definitely get the best output which stands up to your expectation.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Changing The Face Of Cleaning Services With Great Ease

Cleanliness is not just simple mopping and sweeping done by the maid. To avail cleaning services on a large scale, we need some trusted brands which can clean a whole unit with great ease. We at CMS India are a trusted company which provides the Best Housekeeping Services in Gurgaon at regular intervals in order to keep your premises clean.

Our professionals provide a wide variety of cleaning services for commercial as well as residential clients. We have a highly experienced team in Housekeeping industry, but still we invest a lot in new technologies and tools in order to deliver the best results in accordance to the expectations of the client. Our end to end  to end Housekeeping services to all our clients from simple floor cleaning to carpet cleaning as well as sofa cleaning has been widely appreciated by all our clients. With such a wide range of services and a quality bound process, we help our customers in maintaining the hygienic environment in their premise.

We do proper analysis of the workplace or home area prior to starting the cleaning services. On analysis, we chalk out the cleaning programme and provide its detail before starting our work. We accordingly suggest the best possible cleaning strategy which gives them a perfect idea about the risk of damage to our client’s belongings. In CMS India, we provide trained & groomed staff with a flexible cleaning schedule as per the customer requirement & work timings. Moreover, we follow all the safety steps in all our operation and have a zero accident policy in executing every job. The service offered by us is the best and are services is appreciated in states like Jaipur, Bangalore.

Some of the services which are included in our housekeeping curriculum includes cleaning glass doors, mirrors & windows, dusting all furniture and horizontal surfaces, cleaning & de-scale drinking fountains, Cleaning air vents & return air grills, vacuuming all the carpet areas, emptying the trash/recycle, replace liners, clean bins, stripping, buffing and refinishing of floors, etc. Our work also includes cleaning mirrors and windows, emptying trash, replace liners, clean containers, removal of scuff & heel marks, stripping, buffing and refinishing of floors and cleaning, cleaning exterior glass & frames of fire hose cabinets. We cater to many industries like the hospital, healthcare, entertainment, retail, manufacturing and many office of government of India. We have grown in last one decade and everywhere we go our clients have never left us.