Monday, 3 October 2016

Providing Quality Pest Control Services for Corporate Offices and Household Purpose

The Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are necessary to drive away the increasing pesticides. With the increasing number of pesticides it is necessary to increase the dosage and strength or alter formulas as time passes by. The harmful chemicals easily get into the body when we eat such food.

After few years nothing grows at all and the land which was once fertile and produced abundant crops has got totally abandoned. Several farmers have started thinking that organic farming and biological pest control are the need of the hour and switched on to organic farming as it improves the overall crop quality.

We have the best system management and well developed administration, when it comes to Pest Control Services in Delhi. We have successfully proven ourselves as a leading service provider in the domestic & international level. Our timely execution of our quality services like Termite Control Services, Pre Construction Termite Control Services, Post Construction Termite Control Services have made us as one of the most preferred service providers for all our clients.

We use chemicals which are generally approved from the authorized government policies like Indian Insecticide Act 1968, Rules 1971 and order 1986.

The most commonly seen intruders in our houses and offices includes the rats, mice and bandicoots which are considered as the Number 1 pest by mankind. They are responsible for the damage of all kinds of food electric wires and spread of diseases too. Rats are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. Rodent control or rat control is always a tough and challenging activity.

The Pest could be seen everywhere and they are capable of wrecking the entire household. These pests live in every home and needs to be checked so that we could live in a they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment. Classic Maintenance conducts regular programs on how to put a check on pest outspread. We advise every corporate house and every household, so that they could get rid of pests, if done at least once in three months.

Our trained professional make a complete inspection of both the site both before and after the service has been provided. Our pest management team has a detailed plan-of-action and a schedule of the various treatments to be rendered. Classic Maintenance has the latest methodologies and modern equipment's to execute fumigation and other pest control services.

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